Acadia Disability Staff

Kenneth I. Denos - Chairman

Mr. Denos has practiced securities law since 1996 and oversees regulatory filings for a variety of U.S. and international public companies.  He specializes in securities, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and regulatory compliance.  Mr. Denos is presently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Acadia Group, Inc., an international corporate finance and investment firm.  He is also a member of the board of directors and the Secretary of Equus Total Return, Inc. (NYSE: EQS), a closed-end fund traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  For the past 15 years, Mr. Denos has served as a director or principal for several small-cap public companies on the London AIM, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, and the OTC Bulletin Board, and has worked closely with many public and private emerging growth companies throughout the world.  In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance and Political Science, he holds a Master of Business Administration and a Juris Doctor from the University of Utah.

Chene C. Gardner - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Gardner spent five years with the firm of Deloitte & Touche LLP, performing various accounting and auditing services which included working with public companies and assisting them with financial reporting and SEC compliance issues. Over the past decade, he has served as a principal or advisor to many publicly traded companies, assisting them with internal preparation of GAAP compliant financial statements and otherwise helping them become compliant with SEC financial reporting requirements and procedures. Mr. Gardner holds Bachelor and Master of Accounting degrees from Weber State University.

Jake Arave - Chief Operating Officer

For over 8 years, Mr. Arave has managed and handled thousands of disability claims at all levels. He has worked at several large disability firms and managed operations for them. He started as the Chief Operating Officer for Acadia Disability in 2013 and supervises and manages all current departments. He also has a background in International Business and Business Management from Utah State University and BYU Hawaii.

Kyle M. Denos - Chief Technology Officer

For fifteen years, Kyle has managed technology requirements for many small and medium-sized public companies in the U.S. and overseas. He has designed and implemented proprietary and off-the-shelf information and reporting systems for companies in a wide variety of industries, including natural resources, financial services, media and entertainment, and healthcare. Kyle holds many certifications and has experience with many different regulatory entities and has worked with companies listed on various exchanges, including the London, Frankfurt, and New York Stock Exchanges, as well as the OTC bulletin board.

Ethan Weyand - Head of Client Financial Compliance

Ethan Weyand has served as a principal and financial reporting advisor to private and public companies for over 15 years. He began his career at the auditing firm of Grant Thornton, LLP and moved on to take senior accounting and financial positions in U.S. and international public companies over the past decade. Mr. Weyand has designed and implemented GAAP and IFRS-compliant accounting and financial reporting systems for a variety of small and medium-sized companies and, until 2009, was the Chief Financial Officer for an international financial services conglomerate in London. Mr. Weyand holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Brigham Young University and a Master of Accounting from Utah State University.

Mary Foster - Director of Business Development

Mary Foster has been working with clients requiring EDGAR filing services for almost 9 years, and has years of experience providing legal and administrative compliance services in the U.S. and Europe. Ms. Foster heads our business development team and interfaces with clients on a regular basis to ensure their filings are made promptly and professionally, adding a personal touch to all of our client relationships. Ms. Foster is also responsible for the company's internal training, ensuring that our team members are supplied with the latest tools and applications to meet the needs of clients in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Monica Proctor - Director of Sales

Monica Proctor has provided corporate filing and regulatory compliance services to our clients since 2002. She has many years of experience as a legal secretary and compliance coordinator, servicing a variety of small and medium sized public and private companies in the U.S. and Europe. Ms. Proctor heads our sales team and works directly with A Plus clients to build and implement cost-effective compliance systems and processes, including XBRL and EDGAR training programs.

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